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Iceland has no nights !!!

Iceland has no nights  !!!  😮 Just imagine for a moment, how will you feel, if there are no nights in your country. Will you feel weary or energetic? Will you be able to have your good night’s sleep? Well… Continue Reading →

Are Introverts successful?

Few months back I came across the biggest commotion in my life. Does an introvert misses on the biggest opportunities in life? Is networking the key to success?? I am an introvert and these questions are critical to all of… Continue Reading →

Top 3 Earthquake Prone Areas of the World

1)Japan Japan tops the list being most susceptible to massive earthquakes. About 1,500 earthquakes strike the island nation every year. The count is unbelievable in itself. Minor tremors occur on a nearly daily basis. Deadly quakes are a tragic part… Continue Reading →

Bone Chilling facts about Titanic

Titanic hit the iceberg on April 14, 1912 at 11:40 pm, and was sunk within two-and-a-half hours. The tragedy still haunts us after 100 years but did you know so many lives were just donated instead of rescued. We bring… Continue Reading →

Interesting and Unknown facts about Google

Google is not just a mere search engine, it’s a revolution, is a technological present to mankind. We can experience this in the form of young kids and even old people owning a handset executing google searches, using google navigation… Continue Reading →

Women are better drivers than Men. SHOCKED!!

Stereotypes are the worst thing that the generations have given to us. From the historical times men and women had their different relevance. Every man was taught to comprehend tough situations to earn their family’s living while women internally takes… Continue Reading →

Early to bed and rise won’t make you wealthy and wise

The famous quote advocated by Benjamin Franklin has proven to be wrong in the experiments held on sample of larks(early birds) and owls, ”Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” People have their own… Continue Reading →


Check out the best weight shedding products on Amazon We have been listening this quote from our old aged ancestors,”Always chew your Drink and Drink your food”. What does that actually mean !! In the modern era, Gastrointestinal problems, bladder… Continue Reading →

How “Shahrukh Khan” turned out to be second richest actor in the world

Shahrukh khan is amongst the most popular faces of the world. An actor cum producer, Shahrukh has won everybody’s hearts by his exceptional performances in Bollywood movies and possess a global fan base throughout. In terms of audience and income,… Continue Reading →


Around 25 million cellphones have been acquired by Reliance Jio even before its commercial launch! Reliance Jio is making headlines with it’s in pocket data packs and lifetime free calling. While the business of many telecom companies are dropped people… Continue Reading →

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