It seems practically impossible for a food product to provide no energy, no calories even if you have large amount of quantities !!!

Then how Coca Cola claims it to be a 0 calorie product???

Well we have all the answers for you.

First of all Diet Coke contains artificial sweeteners instead of sugar.

The chemical used as a sweetener is referred to as ASPARTAME which is 200 TIMES SWEETER than the regular sugar. i.e it is the sweetest among all the cold drinks.

As we all know, our body produces energy only by burning or processing the food we intake but here our body is incapable of processing the chemical aspartame present in the diet coke hence the coke goes undigested and unprocessed.

So you get no energy, no calories. 🙂

It has calories rounding to the 0 threshold (not exactly 0) i.e. scientifically calories between 1 to 5 can be termed as zero.

What is the difference between Coke Zero & Diet Coke

If you have tasted both drinks , you will understand flavor of Coke Zero nearly associates to the regular coke while Diet Coke tastes little different.

The amount of caffeine in Diet Coke is double the amount of caffeine in Coke Zero and Regular Coke.

Coke Zero uses Ace K & Nutrasweet as its artificial sweetener rather than Aspartame

But both the products claims 0 calories.

The funniest part and the hidden story is, The word “Diet” in Diet Coke is associated with women so usually men were reluctant to buy them. Moreover it was the product which gained its popularity amongst women of the world more than men. 

But once you visualize the “Coke Zero” can, it is given a specific manly touch. 😀 The picture says it all.

But , “Are Diet Drinks good for health”

Are Diet Drinks good for health

There are no studies which have proven and claim Diet coke or diet sodas to have potential risks.

Moreover if you are Diet conscious and fond of soft drinks , it’s a boon for you.

It is nowhere related to weight gain but usually people consume more food, thinking that their Coke has 0 calories and finally blame the Diet Coke for obesity.

“Aspartame” seems to have no harsh effects on body but still we would suggest.

So don’t worry its pretty safer to drink.

but please don’t take it in excess


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