When will Sun die

Every star dies , what about “SUN”?

Is there any possibility to establish a living after sun’s death????

What will exactly happen when sun dies????

 Well, Sun is a star like other stars, a red mass of Hydrogen , Helium and other gases like (Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen). Without going into details of sun’s composition , let us get to the point.

Stars like “The Sun” approximately take 9-10 billion years to collapse. As Sun is middle-aged, it’s quite probable that 5 billion years of sun’s survival is remaining.

Possibility of life after sun

If you put a hot cup of coffee in the refrigerator, it wouldn’t immediately turn cold. Likewise, if the sun simply “turned off”, the Earth would stay warm—at least compared with the space surrounding it—for a few million years, but for inhabitants life could possibly cease much before that.

Within a week the temperature will drop off below 0°F.

In a year it would dip to -100. The top layers of ocean would freeze but the insulation would be there under the ice sheet

Some microorganisms could survive but majority would die in a brief post sun experience.

Most plants would die in few weeks due to photosynthesis halt, large trees could survive till years (due to slow metabolism)

Humans could live in submarines in deepest and warmest of ocean or in geothermal-powered habitats.(for some time)

One good place to camp out: Iceland. The island nation already heats 87 percent of its homes using geothermal energy, and, says astronomy professor Eric Blackman of the University of Rochester, people could continue harnessing volcanic heat for hundreds of years.

As, of course sun doesn’t merely heat the earth, it keeps the planet in orbit, if sun’s mass suddenly disappeared, earth would just fly off like a ball.

Death of Sun (When and How it will happen)

As the sun will grow, its core will run out of hydrogen and helium causing the outer layer to expand with the gradual contraction in core.

The helium atoms in the core will fuse together, releasing loads of energy.

The outer layer will slowly drift apart in space forming a planetary nebula exposing the inner RED core.

Yes, the sun will turn into a red ball while most of its mass will flow with the nebula, the sun appears to be shrink

The remaining sun will also cool and shrink in some time

But above all, as this will not happen well before 5 billion years, there is no point of worrying about our children, grandchildren and so on 🙂



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