Why karvachauth is celebrated

Karvachauth celebration in India was initially a “Festival of Friendship”


Strange but True !!!!

Karvachauth is a festival often celebrated in North Western part of India celebrating the relationship between husband and wife.

Wife tends to fast for her husband consuming neither food nor water but lot of us are not aware that this festival was originally marked as a celebration of friendship.

Back in the days when there transport and communication options were very limited , when a new bride came to her in-laws house after the wedding she didn’t have any friends or relatives to confide in.

She used to find herself alone in a totally new atmosphere and require someone to share her thoughts and feelings.

The elders provided the solution using “Dharm-Behen” or God-sisters.

When the bride reached the in-laws house, she befriended another woman of her age group or older.

The two women starts sharing a sister-like relationship for lifetime and became primary support for each other.

They were called as “Dharm Behen”.

They used to share and support each other in all types of difficulties even if they are related to their personal lives or strenuous relations with in-laws and relatives.

This concept of God sisters brought a festival called “Karvachauth”


However, as the marriage was the central reason for such a friendship, women found praying and fasting for their husband during Karva Chauth with her god-sister to be a logical extension of the festivities.

Later certain mythological tales came into picture ,turning husband’s lPong life, to be a central reason of this celebration.

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