Shahrukh khan is amongst the most popular faces of the world.

An actor cum producer, Shahrukh has won everybody’s hearts by his exceptional performances in Bollywood movies and possess a global fan base throughout.

In terms of audience and income, Khan is one of the most successful actors of the world ,also called as “King Khan” in Bollywood.

But the question is why not, other Bollywood tycoons namely “Salman Khan”,”Aamir Khan” befit the Forbes richest celebrity list. What is King Khan doing different yet influential to make his success that big

Let us know how !!

Shahrukh Khan has reportedly beat Tom Cruise and Johnny Dep in the Forbes polling having the worth of 600 million dollars ranking him second amongst richest actors of the world.

Have a look at the top ten in the list

                       1 Merv Griffin $1 B United States
                       2 Shahrukh Khan $600 M India
                       3 Tom Cruise $480 M United States
                       4 Amitabh Bachchan $425 M India
                       5 Mel Gibson $425 M Australia
                       6 Johnny Depp $400 M United States
                       7 Jack Nicholson $400 M United States
                       8 Sylvester Stallone $400 M United States
                       9 Jackie Chan $395 M China
                      10 Tom Hanks $350 M United States


It won’t be wrong to say that King Khan is more of an entrepreneur. “Bollywood” is just one of his income source. Let us have a look at Shahrukh’s income sources


SRK has smartly invested in Real Estate. In Dubai, SRK has a real estate avenue namely

SRK Bouleward”.

“Shah Rukh Khan Boulevard is his tribute to the love and affection shown by the people of the UAE to Indian cinema” as quoted by him.

It is a beachfront community comprising of 10 premium residential towers with luxurious amenities and breathtaking view of Arabian Sea forming a good portion of SRK revenue.

SRK also endorses the “Royal Estates” in Dubai, and has 26% ownership in Mumbai based Entertainment city “Kidzania”.

SRK also initiated his own VFX studio (RCVFX) RED CHILLIES VFX STUDIO.

Apart from all these income mediums, Bollywood Baadshah has 10% ownership of very popular television channel E24.

Worth to mention, Khan owns an IPL(Indian Premiere League) team, Kolkata Knight Riders proficient enough to earn a great sum from it.

Knight Riders Sports Pvt Ltd, which runs KKR, had revenues of Rs 168.71crore in 2014-15, the year it won the tournament for a second time, up from Rs 128.81 crore in the previous year.

Kolkata Knight Riders, or KKR, posted the highest revenues among all IPL teams in 2014-15. Shahrukh Khan is smart enough to invest money at the right place.


This is something which cannot be disregarded as SRK has gained his popularity through Bollywood.

He started his career from television series namely “Fauji” and “Circus”. His outstanding acting skills made him the Bollywood King .

Shahrukh Khan charges 40 – 45 crores per movie and if the movie is a blockbuster, he gets the profit share as well. Usually SRK’s movies are big hits, as his presence is enough to turn his fame into income.


SRK’s major income source is his own Production house “RED CHILLIES ENTERTAINMENT”.  Shahrukh and Gauri khan initiated the venture in 2002 and currently there are many big hits in the red chillies production house bucket.

SRK’s starred films are usually from his own production house like “Raees”,” Dilwale”,”Fan”. The first film from this production house was “Mai hoon naa” which emerged as a Bollywood blockbuster.

The production company is one of the significant income sources for SRK.


According to the sources, Khan receives approximately 250 wedding invites an year, out of which he is able to attend just 10.

SRK charges 1 crore for just being part of a ceremonial event, and 8 crores for a single stage performance in the function.

Isn’t it GREAT!!


SRK has endorsed bigger brands like Pepsi, Hyundai, Dishtv, Nokia, Lux, Tag Heuer, Nerolac and the list goes on.

He is one of the most visible actors on television in terms of advertisements and TV shows.

According to the survey, in 2008, SRK alone endorsed around 40 brands generating a good income for him.

With the big pocket, SRK has a bigger heart.

He is the ONLY Indian awarded a UNESCO Charity Reward. Yes you heard it right, “only Indian”.

Shah Rukh Khan never beat the drums of his charity work

He is a silent giver, believing charity is never done with personal interest, so his charity news are often out of media coverage.

He adopted 12 villages being the only one who is providing electricity, water, education, medicines and all other basic needs at his own expenditures. There is one organization, called Make A Wish foundation, which works for physically disabled kids. Shah Rukh not only provides huge funds to this organization but also meets these kids whenever he could.

Doing this too, forms him the richest, not by worth but by heart too


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