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We have been listening this quote from our old aged ancestors,”Always chew your Drink and Drink your food”. What does that actually mean !!

In the modern era, Gastrointestinal problems, bladder concerns, stomach upsets have actually indulged so deeply into our daily life.

Not even middle aged but also younger generations are influenced by these.

I agree our life is faster than before but we still have to manage room for conscious eating on a slower pace.

A minor change in lifestyle can lead us to a healthy living.

Follow the steps below


Chew your Drinks

When we drink foods such as smoothies or soups without chewing them, they enter our digestive system way too fast.

Our body is not aware on when to start processing our liquids as saliva is not generated if we intake the fluids on a faster pace.

Saliva is the first act of digestion process.

Even if you start chewing even when your mouth is empty, you will be salivating i.e your body gets prepared for digestion.

So it is advised to drink leisurely

Check the points below

  • Always sit patiently before having a drink, AVOID DRINKING WHILE STANDING(even water). Because it flows with a great volume down the food canal & splashes on to the lower stomach wall. It interferes with the bodily balance and can damage stomach walls, kidney, bladder and nearby organs. Initial symptoms can be bloating, stomach fullness, stomach ache and can lead to adverse disastrous impacts.
  • If you chew your fluids i.e drink at a much slower pace while being seated, our fluid filtration process done by kidney is more effective, on the contrary vital nutrients are destroyed if we drink just for the sake of drinking.

Trust me your gut will thank you if you follow these 🙂


Drink your food

Drinking your food simply specifies the need of chewing it to a limit it turns liquid.

Always take time to eat your food, don’t rush and simply grab your food as nothing would be worse than this.

Like for your lunch, fix an hour or max 45 minutes sufficient enough to order and eat your food.

Chew your food properly and slowly as it would be simple for our body to assimilate and digest the food.

Our digestive system will take no load and so no food processing or digestion diseases will line up on your way.

The main weapon is, eat and drink in such a way that it’s easy for your body to process.

R Madhavan, the famous south Indian actor recently gave a talk about personality development at radiant wellness centre and quoted how the discussed lines “Drink your food, chew your liquids”, changed his life.

Note down the following points for a good eating practice

  • Eat slowly
  • Chew steadily
  • Finish chewing your food before taking another bite

It also will prevent you from overeating as you start feeling full much earlier helping you to maintain healthy weight effortlessly

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