The famous quote advocated by Benjamin Franklin has proven to be wrong in the experiments held on sample of larks(early birds) and owls, ”Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

People have their own tendencies, some prefer to be early birds while some are inclined towards being a night owl.

But even today, a healthy lifestyle is witnessed only when you wake up at 5:00 or 6:00 am, sleep way before 11 and maintain this routine throughout.

I can totally agree, it’s a way to discipline your life but how come intelligence and affluence related to your unconsciousness timings.

Let’s find out the truth behind it


Time of sleep is just a matter of preference. Morning time is stereotyped for consciousness while the dark is stereotyped for bodily rest. A study included sample of 356 larks (sleeping before 11) and 318 owls (sleeping after 11).

Contrary to what Franklin stated, owls showcased a wealthier lifestyle belonging to a high income group, having bigger houses and cars among the experimented sample.

Moreover there were no noteworthy differences in health, physical activeness and cognition. Night owls were equally paced in terms of understanding through their senses and running in a race.


Night owls outperformed morning larks on most of the intelligence measures—with significant differences on working memory and processing speed. It sounds absolutely interesting that the tests were conducted in the morning i.e off time for night owls.

Evening types(night owls) tend to go against the rules to find a seemingly easy solution.

For your reference the base study which concluded a higher edge over larks was conducted by Psychologist Richard D. Roberts of the University of Sydney and Patrick C. Kyllonen of the Air Force Research Lab on 420 test participants.

The same research which evaluated 346 test participants on both chronotypes concluded a sense of cooperation and persistence in larks. Larks won over our night owls under this category. They were found to be more proactive and persistent.

Early Birds are Creative during Night Hours; Night Owls are Creative in Morning Hours

The early birds tend to be more creative in night and routine-specific in the morning. They don’t tend to go out of the box and act during their routine hours, on other side they tend to be writers, artists, inventors during night.

There were 428 test participants who were randomly assigned to the off hours quiz session, it was noted that both the parties were better in their off hours in terms of insight and logical thinking solutions.

You can closely witness this, there are many good writers who love to write in dark even being early birds due to the serenity and the creative mind they discern at night.

Same applies to the night owls, they tend to unleash innovation and imagination only during their off hours. Strange though!!


Larks have an edge over owls in terms of procrastination. They are truly routinized and disciplined in terms of their work timings, meetings, family time and me time.

They are lesser prone to delay appointments over them and love to work on their work timings.

Owls usually have no fixed time, no specific routine. They are usually unable to manage workload and procrastinate some of their tasks. They definitely accomplish them in some or the other way but are a bit casual for some of the involuntary duties.

Summarizing this, we can state larks are somewhat better in time management.


The study, led by Christoph Randler of University of Education Heidelberg in Germany, tested 284 male participants for their chronotype and their sexual behavior.

Night guys were found to have more partners. This held true even when Randler studied on different age groups and work schedules but the result was same.

Don’t know why!!


Larks are usually non risk-takers, due to their persistent urge to continue their stable life. They are happier and gratified compared to night owls who are impulsive and experimental at night and seek games which can risk their stability.

That’s why owls are lucid risk-takers and were termed wealthier in the studies occurred.

Success doesn’t depend on being a night or a day person. It totally depends on your will to achieve.

It doesn’t matter at what time you work, only thing that matters is how much time you work.

Mark Zuckerberg (night-owl-Facebook founder) and Tim Cook(early bird-Apple CEO) both are instances of successful yet different people.

So follow a lifestyle which better comforts you rather than following the words of naysayers.

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