Stereotypes are the worst thing that the generations have given to us.

From the historical times men and women had their different relevance. Every man was taught to comprehend tough situations to earn their family’s living while women internally takes care of the family.

Women tend to be empathetic while men tougher on emotional setbacks.

So from that time on-wards women are stereotyped

And that was the cause of the following cliché, “Women don’t know how to drive”!!

The actress Gul Panag spoke against this , “The thing is we do stereotypification at a very young age. At a young age you are told that if you are a girl, then you just do arts you don’t need to do science or if you are a girl then you ride a gear less scooter because you can’t change gears,”.

It’s not lack of courage, it is lack of opportunities for women, lack of trust the society bestows upon women.

How Women are better drivers than Men??

Men violates Traffic rules more

Men are more likely than women in every category of traffic violations i.e reckless driving, not wearing seat belts, stopping at signals, calling while driving, speeding the car etc.

Look at the ratio of men and women here

Reckless Driving                                       3.41 : 1

Speeding                                                   1.75 : 1

Violation of seat belt rules                     1.74 : 1

Signal stoppage                                       1.53 : 1

Men are involved in more accidents than women

Female drivers are 27% likely to be at fault when an accident occurs with a male driver as recognized in a study by Quality Planning.

According to the United States Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, men were involved in 6.1 million accidents (40000 fatal) while women in 4 million (14000 fatal). From New York City traffic study, 80% of all auto accidents that kill or seriously injure pedestrians involves male drivers.

Then why women are held accountable for lack of driving skills and accidents??

The way males make female experience culpable on their driving abilities and tend to maintain distance from female drivers, do you have anything to comment on the statistics.

Female drivers have constant pressure on them while driving, as their abilities can be questioned any time by the stereotypical beings, so they tend to be more cautious thus becoming better drivers than Men. 🙂

Men are distracted drivers

A survey by Australian Company Allianz found that of the 1425 men polled, 51% of them admitted to being less than attentive to their driving when they see an attractive woman walking in the street while only 15% women polled that they would be distracted visualizing a hunk. It’s funny but authentic.

Even a committed man will not hold back while staring at an attractive women while their female counterpart is hardly interested.

Moreover men tend to flaunt their expensive convertibles and thereby more distracted , while in the survey most women considered these guys to be arrogant than stylish.

Women on the other hand are more careful on road due to the empathy they hold, rather than being risk-taker and tougher as a man is causing miseries to happen.

Needless to say, that is the reason why women insurance premiums are lower than men in many countries.

I agree there can be some exceptions, but those exceptions should not be allowed to stereotype the women capabilities.

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