Bone Chilling facts about Titanic

Titanic hit the iceberg on April 14, 1912 at 11:40 pm, and was sunk within two-and-a-half hours.

The tragedy still haunts us after 100 years but did you know so many lives were just donated instead of rescued.

We bring you here, some surprising bits about Titanic that weren’t covered in the flick.

A Lifeboat Drill

Canceled Lifeboat Drill

Originally, a lifeboat drill was scheduled to take place on board the Titanic on April 14, 1912 – the day the Titanic hit the iceberg.

Captain Smith cancelled the drill for an unknown reason. If the drill would have happened more lives could be saved

Lifeboats Not Full


Most of the lifeboats that were launched off the Titanic were not filled to capacity. The Lifeboat 7 was the first lifeboat to launch from ship having the capacity of 65 people was carrying just 24 persons (women and children).

Lifeboat 1 carried the fewest people – only seven crew and five passengers (a total of 12 people) despite having a capacity for 40.

Strange but clear mismanagement. The third class on the deck was given the least preference as if their lives were worthless.

Californian Ship Was Closer To Rescue

Titanic sent out the distress signals as soon as the ship caught attention of the mishap. The Californian Ship was closer to Titanic than the Carpathia

At 12:45 a.m. on April 15, 1912, crew members on the Californian saw mysterious lights in the sky (the distress flares sent up from the Titanic) and woke up their captain to tell him about it. Unfortunately, the captain issued no orders because their ship’s wireless operator was already slept. Until morning Ship Carpathia had already picked up all the survivors.

If Californian would have responded, more people could have been saved.

Thirty Seconds

The Titanic crash could have been avoided if they had gotten word about the iceberg 30 seconds before the captain did. Only 30 seconds became the cause of 1500 deaths.

Titanic Crash was predicted

A hundred years before James Cameron turned tragedy into an art form at the Oscars,

American author Morgan Robertson wrote a book called Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan, about the sinking of an “unsinkable” ocean liner named “Titan”.

The book stated all incidents , from how an iceberg collided with an ocean liner to lack of life boats.

Moreover the cover image on book looked like “Titanic”.

Only Two Bathtubs

Although most passengers had to share bathrooms (only the two promenade suites in first class had private bathrooms).

Third class had it harsh with only two bathtubs for more than 700 passengers.

A Royal Mail Ship

RMS Titanic was a Royal Mail Ship i.e  delivering mails for the British postal service.

It had 5 mailing clerks (2 British and 3 American) responsible for individually 7 million mails delivery.

Full Moon may have caused the fatal iceberg to cross paths with the ship

titanic full moon

Studies have found, due to strong tides of full moon the icebergs changed their direction.

Quoting astronomer Donald Olson of Texas State University-San Marcos, National Geographic’s Richard A. Lovett wrote, “That full moon, on January 4, 1912, may have created unusually strong tides that sent a flotilla of icebergs southward—just in time for Titanic‘s maiden voyage.

It was not a normal full moon, it was the closest lunar moon, world couldn’t see it before year 2257.

Optical Illusion prevented the ship from receiving help

British historian Tim Maltin believes that the atmosphere on the night of the sinking created conditions that made it difficult for the crew to spot icebergs—and for other ships to spot the Titanic.

Smithsonian magazine reported, “Atmospheric conditions in the area that night were ripe for super refraction”. This extraordinary bending of light caused Miraging, which, he discovered, was recorded by several ships in the area.

It also prevented the Titanic’s lookouts from seeing the iceberg in time.

Chief Baker survived the freezing water for 2 hours

Charles Joughin

The chief baker of the Titanic (Charles Joughin) survived the freezing cold water temperatures because he drank so much alcohol.

It kept his organs enlivened for 2 hours until he was rescued.

Musicians continued to play music and died

Remember that scene in the Titanic movie where the musicians continued to play while the ship was sinking?

That was true, they actually continued to play for hours. Unfortunately, none of them survived.

The Fourth Funnel

In Titanic’s iconic image, the side view of the Titanic clearly shows four cream and black funnels.

Only three of them released the steam from boilers, fourth one was just for show. The designers thought the ship would look more impressive with four funnels rather than three.

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