Best time to travel Iceland

  • In my previous post, I wrote about the midnight sun of Iceland, it’s causes and how it affects local life of Icelanders (Link included below)

Iceland has no nights

Now let’s discuss, what is the best time for us to travel and experience Iceland offerings.


Iceland offers different experiences in all seasons, so let’s compare which season gets the greater weightage.

SUMMER  (June-August) :

In Summer, the warm days can reach up to 25 degrees while average temperature in July is around 10- 12 degrees, which is pretty decent for tourism.

Needless to say Iceland is the most crowded during this season, so if you don’t mind the crowd, summer is the time for you.

During this season, you can experience the

Midnight Sun : The 24 hour daylight, the weirdness of perceiving the sunlight even at 12:00 am can make you feel exhausted, but needless to say, it certainly will be added to your list of unique travel experiences. Carry your sleep masks to avoid any light from entering in your room.

Green Iceland : Iceland will have no ICE  but you can see it completely green which amplifies the beauty of the place with sizzling white waterfalls.

The cons of visiting in summer are

As it is the most visited duration , the prices are hiked and you have to burn your pocket. Staying close to the capital Reykjavik will cost you even more

No northern lights 🙁 :  As it’s a 24 hour day and northern lights can only be seen in the dark, you will miss on this beauty.

WINTER (December-Feb)  :

In this season extreme temperature can go below -25 °C, while the highest being 0 °C. If you love the snow, it’s probably the best time to go. Also the crowd will be relatively less so if you are looking for a budget travel, go ahead.

Elusive Northern lights can delight your experience, as Iceland offers the best northern lights amongst all.

During winter the days are pretty shorter, while December being the darkest month of winters.

Sunrise is around 11 AM and sunset between 3 and 4 PM, while local Icelanders are used to it, they travel to their work during the flabbergasting day darkness, it can be tough for us as darkness invokes our sleep routine.

But the lighting conditions makes Iceland most picturesque during the time. So if you are a photographer, winter is the magical time. It is termed as the Photographer’s Dream.

December darkness picture:

December Darkness

The nature is almost frozen, and there is an unusual peace all around.

Still don’t worry, it’s not as cold as Russia or Canada.

In winters you will also be benefited by ice cave tours (glaciers), crazy adventures on jeep experiencing snow blizzards, and affordable flights and stays.

ice cave

But you will miss on the famous migratory birds Puffins who arrive in April-May. (probably the cutest birds)

My suggestion would be experience Icelandic winters at least once.

And also choose for yourself 🙂 the one which suits you the best.

Hope it helps

Good luck for your Icelandic adventure.

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Iceland has no nights !!!

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