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Iceland has no nights !!!

Iceland has no nights  !!!  😮

Just imagine for a moment, how will you feel, if there are no nights in your country.

Will you feel weary or energetic?

Will you be able to have your good night’s sleep?

Well there are people who experience a broad 6 month midnight sun i.e no nights , no darkness in their region near the Arctic and Antarctic circle.

Iceland is one such extreme country.

It is situated just below the arctic circle and is shockingly known as  “The Land of the Midnight Sun” sporting continous daylight for 6 months.

Let us throw some light on this extreme Icelandic phenomenon

Why Midnight Sun?

Midnight sun is a natural phenomenon where you can see the Sun even at midnight.

It occurs in the Arctic circle during the summer solstice (around June 22) , During the same time in the Antarctic circle, polar night occurs. In Antarctic circle midnight sun occurs in the winter solstice (around December 21) and polar night simultaneously.

Polar night is reverse of midnight sun, i.e darkness throughout the day.

Earth completes one rotation around the sun every 24 hours, which causes the change between day and night .

The earth is tilted by about 23.5 degrees on it’s axis. If earth would be perpendicular on it’s axis, we would have 12 hours day and night across the world with no changing seasons. The North pole tilt towards the sun causes midnight sun while the tilt away from the sun, causes polar night.

why midnight sun
why midnight sun

How to sleep during midnight sun?

It’s a very common question posed by many individuals after getting acquainted with the Icelandic natural phenomenon.

It’s true that darkness simulates our sleep routine, but does NO darkness means distorted sleep??

Icelandic people use black out curtains or thick curtains to avoid light disrupting their sleep routine.Though experiencing chilled long days will become part of your daily life and this weird phenomenon will appear natural to your body.

Yes, it appears weird, but no matter what, the picturesque beauty of Iceland will be at your display.

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