Create your personalized Quarantine Routine- Welcome to the new normal

Welcome, to the new normal. With guidelines on social distancing, covering your face, and avoiding frequent touchpoints, we all want this desperate situation to end immediately. But is that possible?.

Will the virus leaving our lives, make everything normal??. Well, I doubt.

The epidemic hitting the entire world, has struck a blow on our thought process and instilled our most important fear, THE FEAR OF SURVIVAL, THE FEAR OF LOSING YOUR LOVED ONES. It may sound harsh but we need to get prepared for the new normal.


Here are a few tips to manage a Quarantine Routine as directed by UNICEF

  • Get up at the same time, go to bed at the appropriate time
  • Fix your daily time for yoga, exercise or any fitness activity
  • Do not set goals that are too ambitious
  • Take some time to plan the schedule. This may seem like a strenuous activity, but it will actually make it easier for you to organize your daily life
  • Help your children establish a routine as well, as it provides them with a sense of security and predictability, which are of great importance for the child’s development.
  • Plan family activities together with children (talk and make arrangements with your teenagers, and make a schedule with younger children and put it in a visible place; explain the schedule and make sure they understand your expectations so that children would accept it)
  • Stick to your usual work/study times
  • Find some space where you can work if you are working from home – make it your “office – place for work“, and the same applies to your child if they go to school or university.
  • Eat at certain times, as you are used to
  • If you have younger children, schedule your activities into several shorter units instead of big blocks (think about activities packed into 30-minute blocks)
  • Tailor the schedule to your child – you know best what your child likes and needs. You know how long they can do a certain activity. Combine joint activities with activities the child will do on their own
  • It is important for you as a parent to get some rest – you worked during the day and you need to sit down (determine the length of “respite” that suits you)
  • This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a joint book-reading routine – all household members spend time together with everyone reading their own book
  • Watching a film together can be a joint activity at the end of the day
  • Be flexible – don’t always stick to the schedule blindly, go with the flow sometimes. If children are having a nice time playing, don’t interrupt them just because the schedule says it’s snack time
  • This is a great time for your child to master the skill of playing on their own if they haven’t already. Start by motivating them or suggesting: “Look, you can throw a party for your dinosaurs!”
  • Limit the use of mobile phones because they can be a distraction. Lead by example – you also shouldn’t spend time on your mobile phone.

Try following the above routine and you might feel positivity in your life

Happy Reading !!



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