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Why is April Fool celebrated????

Well tomorrow is April 1, the official day to crack jokes, spread hoaxes and play pranks on your friends and family. The victims of the pranks are termed as “APRIL FOOLS” and the culprits convey this by shouting out loud… Continue Reading →

Awesome HOLI-LIKE festivals celebrated in the world

Holi is the festival of craziness and fun, apart of being religiously important in India. A festival in which getting messy with colors, dumping water buckets on each other is part of the celebration. Don’t worry , you are not… Continue Reading →

Kodinhi : The Twin Town of India – Only Twins are born here

Kodinhi , a small town in Kerala has baffled everyone with its highest number of Twins. The village of Kodinhi is located about 15 miles from the city of Malappuram. No matter which paths you cross in the village you… Continue Reading →

Karvachauth celebration in India was initially a “Festival of Friendship”

  Strange but True !!!! Karvachauth is a festival often celebrated in North Western part of India celebrating the relationship between husband and wife. Wife tends to fast for her husband consuming neither food nor water but lot of us… Continue Reading →

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